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Kedge Foster Widen


Website Design & Development


June 9, 2023


Kedge Foster Widen, a dynamic talent strategists and HR consulting agency has begun its journey to establish a digital presence. With no prior website, our goal was to create a user-friendly platform that showcased their services and facilitated talent engagement.

Strategy and Plan

Our strategy focused on building a website from the ground up, emphasizing simplicity and effectiveness. Collaborating closely with Kedge Foster Widen, we outlined a wireframe that included a responsive design, streamlined navigation, and a dedicated section highlighting their specific solutions.

Design and Development

Starting with a blank canvas, we designed a visually appealing site, incorporating a modern and approachable aesthetic. The development phase involved creating a user-friendly CMS for seamless content updates. Rigorous testing ensured optimal performance across devices, guaranteeing a smooth user experience.


  • The newly launched website has exceeded expectations, providing a digital hub for talent engagement. 
  • User-friendly features have led to increased inquiries and positive feedback. 
  • The site effectively communicates Kedge Foster Widen's expertise in talent solutions, enhancing its brand in the competitive HR consulting landscape.

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Their work is quite fast and results are impeccable although they are a smaller agency but has it’s resources in one place with a talented young team.


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